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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This is my first entry for the weekly photo challenge.

Green – so there isn’t a lot of green left in this part of the world around this time of the year. Pretty much all the leaves on the trees are gone. Just a week ago, the trees were a pretty shade of orange but today, they are bare; the leaves have fallen littering the ground. Four years of living here, and I am still in awe how they just change from green to orange then white throughout the year.

This green theme proves to be a challenge coz that limits me to just shooting anything but the obvious green – the leafy stuff. I’d like to jumpstart this challenge though by using some photos that I took couple of weeks ago as a springboard for my green gallery.

<PICTURES; a friend’s son wearing a green-ish tee, the football on the grass during my husband’s match and lastly, a green antique lamp from a house in town>

I feel that they’re not exactly that green, so if my books don’t tie me down, I’d try shooting new ones this week. But for now, I got Philosophy exams to think of and a big book to attend to. Ta-ta!

UPDATE: Added new pics< a green bottle of Champagne Krug, chanelling ninja with green eyeshadow and me again with cucumber while making a fool of myself> I wanted to take pictures outside but the sun has not been showing up lately. So I thought that the next best move was to just raid my fridge instead  for green stuff ha ha!