About me

My name is Sheryl. I’m a prolific shutterbug, incessant wanderluster, food junkie, mad scribbler and compulsive doodler. Welcome to my random musings and photoblog of sorts.

I am a Filipino living in Denmark. Before coming to Denmark in 2009, I worked and lived  in Oman and Singapore. The latter is where I met my now-husband Lars.  We live in a charming little town where my Viking and I decided to make our first home. I am currently taking my Master’s in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University. When not taking pictures, studying or doing content writing work, I enjoy exploring new places, appreciating arts and design, indulging in good food and meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures. People who know me well  describe me as creative, vivacious and driven.

Philosophy: A life full of learning is life well-fulfilled.  Creativity is a way of life!

Why I started this photoblog?  This site will showcase my work and the photos that I have delightfully taken. I want to share how I see the world through my photography.  I hope you enjoy viewing  them  as much as I did taking them. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Current gear: Olympus EM5 MII , 12-40mm f/2,8 Pro

Press / Links:

For photo and writing related inquiries, contact me at:  sherylynoben(at)hotmail(dot)com



  1. Wow you have around the world despite your young age! Looking forward to your posts. :) You have really good shots. :D I am so tempted to buy a DLSR too but everytime I think about its bulk, I can’t help but settle on my trusty pocket superzoom.

  2. linneatrapp

    I have nominated you for an award i hope you accept it =) check out my photoblog and go the awards and nomination section to check it out.

  3. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.


    angelabrooks741 gmail.com

  4. Hi Sheryl,

    We recently stumbled upon your blog and thought you’d make a great contributing curator for our website. We’re an up-and-coming travel brand for young, ambitious travelers aiming to see 30 countries by 30. We’re already establishing partnerships with some big names in the game, and would love to have you onboard. This isn’t a paid opportunity, but does provide a mutually beneficial relationship as you’d get exposure to our growing audience, and we’d benefit from your amazing content! Let us know.

    Travel On!
    30XTHIRTY Team
    i & t | @30xthirty

    • 30XTHIRTY

      Hi Sheryl,

      Thanks so much for getting back to us. We’re excited to have you on-board as a 30XTHIRTY writer. 

      Attached is the content guidelines, and below is the agreement to sign. We accept stories on the 23rd of every month. 

      Content Agreement: https://www.docracy.com/linksign/0ncb3p8pete

      Travel On! 30XTHIRTY Team 

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