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Nørrebro|Happy Place: Wander Aimlessly

These photos were taken while wandering aimlessly and exploring the side streets of Copenhagen by bike. There’s just something very satisfying about getting lost and stumbling on tucked away corners of beauty and colours while finding my way around. It sounds like a paradox but sometimes just wandering and not knowing exactly where you’re going could be the best way to know a new place more intimately. Alone and with a camera in tow, the curious kid in me gets a kick from exploring these backstreets and unlocking hidden gems scattered around the city. These little pockets of discoveries are my little happy places.



If you’re looking for something more colorful, a little more shabby and high up on hipster quotient in Copenhagen, I cannot recommend Nørrebro highly enough. Being the cheapest district in the capital, Nørrebro is the most culturally-diverse area. The burly bearded Dane on his fixie bike, the young abaya-clad Arab women going about their shopping or the group of kids expertly whizzing up and down their skateboards – people watching in this part of the city is a treat. The multicultural vibe of the area is so prominent, you can see and smell it in the wide array of shawarma shops, Asian kiosks, vibrant nightspots, thriving food hubs and hip urban spaces dotted around the district.


Nørrebro Skatepark | Nørrebroruten, 2200 København N I wasn’t riding the ramps and ledges, I  can barely balance myself on a bike with no hands, let alone attempt to skateboard :) I found this spot while walking around,  taking photos of urban wall murals around the area. Nørrebro has some of the coolest and they got plenty!


Queen Louise’s Bridge |Dronning Louises Bro, 1371 København The bridge that connects the city to Nørrebro is fun hangout spot especially during the summer months. Sit by the ledge or on the benches surrounding the lake, preferably with friends and a beer in hand, Here you can hang out and enjoy the stunning views of the lake. After dark every night, you can catch the the iconic egg-laying chicken neon ad shine over Peblinge Sø. 


92 Nørrebrogade, the most iconic graffiti art in the district: One man’s trash, another man’s treasure


Superkilen, Heimdalsgade Superkilen is a huge urban park that celebrates the diversity of the local district. The idea behind is to create a unifying space across ethnic, language and religious boundaries. If you’re amodern architecture  fan like me, you’ll be pretty pleased to know that Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels was the genius behind this project.


Superkilen | Black Market White curving lines on dark asphalt make for such a visually appealing space.


Superkilen | A part of the Red Square


Jagtvej 69 | The dove wall mural by Shepard Fairey on the site of Ungdomshuset. Ungdomshuset had served as a site for music and acts, as well as a notorious rendezvous point for left-wing activists. The place was eventually torn down in 2007 leading to aggressive riots in the area.


A cute balcony


Woman on Bike Mural on Norrebrogade-Ravnborsggade | This has got to be my most favorite street art in Norrebro as it reflects the strong bicycle culture of the city. 


Kebabistan | Nørrebrogade 162 Nørrebro is home to the best shawarma shops in the city. A long day of exploring or a booze-infused night-out in town calls for the perfectly slow roasted slab of meat basted on its own fat, stuffed into some pita bread along with chunks of veggies, slathered lovingly with chili. This is good stuff! I recommend lamb dürüm at Kebabistan – best of the lot!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”


    • Thanks, Brenda! Most of the pics were taken in Norrebro. This area in Copenhagen is not so frequented by tourists because it had a notorious overblown reputation for political activism. But more people are now discovering that it’s one if not the most interesting district in the city. It’s very multi-ethnic and has now garnered a hipster rep. :)

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