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Vegen Mølle

I went out for a little photowalk with town locals and fellow photo enthusiasts, Camilla and Mette. We were out at the forests and cultivated landscapes where streams flow and animals pasture on lush grasses. The place is called Vegen Mølle, an oasis snuck in the middle of city, named after the water mill that once existed in the area. Just when I thought that I have seen every nook and cranny of Holstebro, I am quite surprised that I had no idea this place existed until the ladies took me here the other day. Having grown up in the city, I am still smitten with glee at the sight of pretty green pastures and grazing animals. The place is beautiful but it holds a dark secret: Mette revealed that the nearby hills were the spot for public executions until the 1800s – yikes! Good thing we were hiking at broad daylight coz I wouldn’t wanna be caught here in the dark!  All kidding aside, these pretty landscapes show that this place is anything but spooky! :-)







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