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International Food Market in Holstebro

This week, share what you see on the inside. It could be something literally inside, like these birds in the rebar or the inside of your home or favorite hideaway. If you’d like, go in a personal direction — share a photo of your best friend laughing, showing how she feels on the inside, or an arresting shot of your son’s blue eyes

At least once or twice a year, the roving international market that features specialties from different countries visits our sleepy town of Holstebro.  This year, they had 25 booths selling food, crafts and  kitschy stuff from ten countries like Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Russia and Finland.   The market opened on the 11th of this month and will be running till the 17th.  Here are some of the photos that I managed to take amidst the crowd and the vendors’ unapproving stares. :) Needless to say, our love for food got the better of us, so we ended up going home with very tasty yet sinful stuff.


The Dutch kiosk selling all sorts of Dutch delights like cookies, waffles and pies. Naturally, we had a bag of yummy assorted pastries.


The Italian stall that sells delicious olives – definitely way better than the bottled ones, of course :p


Salami d’Italia


The French shop


…and all its lovely cheeses


Nifty wine holders from the French stall too


The Dutch stall that sells all sorts of Dutch cheeses and sausages


And some more sinful stuff from the Italians


Italian Treats. The cannoli bianco were really good.


Talk about diet sabotage


We sampled lots of delicious cheeses


Polish sausages were a hit


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