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Happy Tummy!

Cook and Talk

Poster ad that I designed for the event.

Daily Prompt: Sharing Cultures through Food


Last Saturday, May 25th, Holstebro International held its second Cook and Talk, an event where people can cook together dishes from various countries and enjoy a hyggelig evening trying exciting food and meeting amazing people. The turnout this time was even double than the first one, with 17 different nationalities represented among our 49 attendees.

For this evening, we featured the delicious cuisines from Greece, Mexico and Brazil.

The Greek station, headed by Edward, prepared Spanakopitas, a savory pie filled with spinach; Giouvarlakia with Avgolemono Sauce,  a hearty rice meatball dish with lemony sauce; and Kourambiedes, traditional almond butter cookies dusted with powdered sugar.

Geisa led the Brazilian station in preparing  Camarão na Moranga, a delicious stuffed pumpkin filled with prawn stew; and Cocada, a traditional sweet made of grated coconut.

Team Mexico, headed by Rossany, whipped up Chicken Enchilada, rolled out tortillas filled with chicken, cheese and jalapeños;  and Frutas al Horno, a refreshing fruit tray bake with hints of  lime and cinnamon.

Oh and yes, it was indeed a feast! Needless to say, everyone went home with happy tummies.

So I, along with the other board members, were a bit exhausted from the preparations  but nevertheless happy with how successful the event has been!  Thank you to those who participated in the event and we look forward to seeing new and old faces  for the next Cook and Talk this coming September!

Here are some of the pictures from the event. For recipes, click here. 



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