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Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns on Random Objects

Photos of patterns on random objects

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

IMG_7133IMG_7507 IMG_7588 IMG_7598 IMG_7634 IMG_7635 IMG_7651 IMG_7657



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  3. hm, i REALLY like these – the almost by-the-way nature of the patterns you have chosen for the most part – not screaming for attention but noticed and brought to centre stage – my favourites would be the guitar strings and then for sure the Ferrari in the courtyard because there is just so much going on there, especially with the various brickwork patterns. Thanks for the share [and the comments] – keep on, this is great!

    • I was right then to take the shots in black and white coz the tone helped bring out the details and textures :) Thanks for appreciating! :)

      • oh totally i forgot to comment on that but i love black and white and it worked so well in those!

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