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Christmas 2012

Hello, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas eve with the family, celebrated the traditional Danish way.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take pics of the food as I have gobbled up my plate even before I remembered to do so, lol. Anyhow, let me just describe first what a Danish Christmas dinner is and how the Danes celebrate it.

Danish Christmas dinners usually consist of pork roast, roast duck served with two types of potatoes as sides- boiled potatos and caramelized, the latter being my  favorite. For dessert is ris ala mande,  a really delicious rice pudding topped with cherry sauce. A whole almond will placed on the rice pudding for someone to find. The lucky winner will get a little present/s. For this year, my husband won so we took home a big pink piggy coin bank and a funny calendar.

After a sumptous dinner, we dance and  sing traditional carols around the Christmas tree. When  all the singing and dancing is done, the gifts  under the tree are handed out by turns. After all the gifts have been opened, an assortment of cookies, sweets and chocolates are then served. (-:

My husband wearing a musical Christmas tie

My niece, Anne

My other niece, Tea

Christmas tree is all lit up

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Time to open the gifts!

IMG_4000 copy

Merry Christmas, from me and Lars (-:

These photos are my entry for this week’s photo challenge – Surprise as Christmas is always full of love, tradition, warmth and of course, surprises!



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