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Shift Your Perspective

You woke up pretty late today; it’s already 11 but not a bit of sunlight managed to peep through the blinds. As usual, you blamed the grey  weather for keeping you in bed longer than you should.  You stood up, looked out the window and saw that everything is white. “Pretty.” you remarked sleepily, almost unenthustiastically.

You staggered to take care of your usual morning ritual only this time you left your hair messy  and your face makeup-free.

You looked like a total slob.

But you forgave yourself for not caring at all.   After all, the week’s been hectic so this day is well-deserved. Today is what you would rightly term as unproductive. You felt a tinge of guilt when you saw your unwashed dshes on the sink and mountain of laundry –

“Meh, f*** it.

You happily plopped on the sofa and reached for the laptop.
The usual…
Check mail, check international news, check local news, check Facebook.

You thought that Facebook had been a bit of a bore  lately except when you secretly bitch about other people’s posts –  that’s amusing.

Then you thought that maybe you could just write something witty today.  You are not really sure what to write about though.

Food, fashion, self, photos, your life? But today you weren’t your usual self-centered self so you tried to think of something else.

Travel? Travel seems like a good topic. You hammered a few words but you realized that it’s been a while since you last went somewhere exotic. You allowed your mind to wander somewhere far away.,,

You imagined turquoise waters caressing your feet..
Basking in the warm sun..
Lying on soft sand..
Hearing the waves splashing against the shore…
Gazing at the never ending sky..
Enjoying the fresh smell of the sea…
Sipping margarita while the sun sets..

Then you heard a knock on the door; that made you  snap quickly back to reality.
You found yourself sitting where you are sitting now, doing what you are doing at this very moment – just blogging.

Writing challenge: here


  1. Wow, good job of taking on the second person perspective. I’ve haven’t read too many second person stories, but yours flowed along as if it was first person. Funny, how your second person narrative told a lot about you–the first person. Good work.

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